LUXOMAT energy saving single channel occupancy detector – surface or flush fitting

Surface Mounted Occupancy Presence detector, the SM version of the Luxomat Occupancy DetectorWe have joined all the other voices online crying out for the more frequent use of more energy-saving solutions by introducing the PIR-presence detectors, the Time Lag switches, the B.E.G. Luxomat Detectors intro, some PIR detectors and info, the Illuma advice for energy saving, essential steps for saving the energy, etc. To continue the introducing of the B.E.G Luxomat range of Occupancy Detectors, today we have the Luxomat PD3 series – single channel flush or surface mounted occupancy detectors. This range of detectors provides simple, localised control of the lighting or HVAC system, by automatically turning the load on when needed for indoor ceiling applications, with 360° coverage. The detector LUXOMAT® PD3-1C-SM is available in a e version with integrated acoustic sensor (micro version), can also cover persons who otherwise by the infrared radiation of the detector would not be recognized (e.g. in corners or behind walls)! Typical applications of the series of PD3 Luxomat Occupancy Detectors: monitoring of smaller areas like stairwells, private garages, galleries, wash rooms. Read more about the features and the technical data about this range.

Luxomat PD3 Occupancy Detector features

  • Switches all types of light fixtures.
  • Switches 2000W of incandescent or 1000W fluorescent load.
  • 10m detection zone (5m seated, 6m walking towards and 10m walking across).
  • 15 seconds to 30 minutes adjustable time delay.
  • Models available: Surface mounted(SM) and Flush(FC) fittings.
  • With or without acoustic sensor (micro).
  • IP rating: SM is IP54, FC is IP20.
  • 10 – 2000 Lux adjustable photocell.
  • Manual controllable occupancy detector for inside use LUXOMAT® PD3-1C-SM/-FC/-FM PD3-1C-SM/-FC Micro for surface, false ceiling and flush mounting with circular detection area.
  • One channel to switch the lighting.
  • Switching for all types of light fixtures by high performance relay.
  • Optical system, designed for highest sensitivity.
  • Serial impulse function (gong).
  • Sensitivity adjustment.
  • SM fits onto conduit box.
  • Buy the Luxomat PD3SM or Luxomat PD3FC via SparksDirect.

the different dimensions of the Luxomat range of occupancy detectors, the PD3 series

Luxomat PD3 series - the range of the shining of the light emanated by this Occupancy Detector from B.E.G.PD3 Occupancy Detectors – Technical Data

  • Adjustments manual by potentiometer;
  • Power supply: 230V~ +6%/-10%;
  • Detection area: circular, 360°;
  • Range in m (e.g.): Ø radius;
  • Seated: 5.00 2.50;
  • Walking across: 10.00 5.00;
  • Walking towards: 6.00 3.00;
  • Mounting height: 2 – 3m;
  • Power consumption: < 1W;
  • Light measuring: mixed light – artificial and daylight to control the light;
  • Channel 1 (Control the lighting);
  • Switching power: 2000W, 1000W; dry contact type: NO;
  • Time settings: impulse or 30sec – 30min.;
  • Light sensor: 10 – 2000Lux;
  • Protection: SM IP54, FC and FM IP20, FC with accessory (92206) also IP23 / Class II / CE;
  • Dimensions:
    – SM Ø 106 x H 52mm;
    – FC Ø 80 x H 84.5mm;
    – FM Ø 98 x H 65mm;
  • Housing UV- and shock-resistant Polycarbonate;
  • Ambient temperature: -25°C to +50°C.

Luxomat Occupancy Detectors - PD3 series, the PD3-FC and the PD3-FM versions

To purchase the Flush Occupancy Presence detector Luxomat PD3FC or the Surface Mounted Occupancy Presence detector Luxomat PD3SM, visit the Occupancy Detectors & Switches category on our website.

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